Brooke + Karl's Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation Wedding

December 20, 2017

Brooke and Karl's wedding at Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation was just magical.  It was obvious the first time we met them that they were crazy about each other, and their love shone through on their wedding day.  The venue was beautiful and Carla and Heather were on top of every detail.  Their decor was simple, elegant, and meaningful to the couple.  They share a love of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, so books and other tasteful touches were included in the reception.  They had a special lock made just for the Tunnel of Love.  The flowers from Simpson's Florist were gorgeous and the food from Zoe's was delicious.  We were expecting rain all day, but shockingly it held off until late that evening.  It was a perfect day for a wonderful couple!

We are so happy that Brooke and Karl chose us to capture their Wedding Day Memories!

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Vendors that made the day so special!

Venue - Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation

Caterer - Zoe's Catering

Cakes - Angie Bakes Cakes

Rings - Osborne's Jewelers

Dress - The Something Blue Shoppe

Flowers - Simpson's Florist

Hair & Makeup - Karlie Day

DJ - Citybeatz DJ Services




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