Huntsville Alabama Wedding Photography (Rosalie + Chris's Ingalls Harbor Pavilion Wedding)

January 10, 2018

Rosalie and Chris's amazing Mexican wedding at Ingalls Harbor Pavilion in Decatur, AL is one I will never forget.  The food(street tacos - YUMMO), the flowers, the beautiful colors and amazing decorations.  Francis and her team from Shindigs & Such did an amazing job transforming the massive space into two distinct areas for the ceremony and reception.  The flower's from McBride Florist were some of the prettiest I've seen.  Rosalie's traditional Mexican gown couldn't have been more perfect.  All that aside, it was the sweet couple that really made the day special.  These guys have such a genuine affection for each other.  I kept catching Chris watching Rosalie with the most loving look on his face.  So sweet. 

Another thing that made the day so special was all the DANCING!  Chris and Rosalie like to salsa dance, which means a lot of their friends also like to salsa dancing.  It was such a treat to watch everybody dance the night away.  The bride and groom even changed out of their ceremony clothes to perform a choreographed dance.  They were amazing!  

Rosalie and Chris, thank you both so much for choosing us to capture your wedding day memories.  We wish you all the happiness in the world.

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Vendors that made the day special!

Venue - Ingalls Harbor Pavilion

Photographer - Melissa Holley Photography

Florist - McBride Florist

Decorations and Draping - Frances at Shindigs & Such

Caterer - El Palomino

Cake - Erika Rios, pastry chef at Grill 29

Other Desserts - La Estrella

First Dance Choreography - Roberto Alexander Dextre Jr.

DJ - Giovanni Rodriguez

Bride’s Hair - Katherine Boyd, Salon Allure

Bride’s Makeup - Breanna Marie Clark

Officiant - Jason O'Brien

Dress - Sindashi

Shoes - Sindashi Cd. Mex

Suits - Jos. A Bank

Rings - Grogan's (hers), Gemvara (his)

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